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Individual Therapy
Individual Therapy
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Sliding scale $150-$200/50 min session (you chose what works for you)

(Limited number of reduced rate spots available )

See FAQ's for more details

I offer person-first, humanistic psychotherapy founded on the notion that you have the power within you to heal.  I will support you as you encounter barriers to that healing, and offer guidance or insight to help you along your path. Therapy sessions can include talk therapy from a variety of modalities (including CBT, MI, humanistic, interpersonal, etc), expressive art/movement activities, meditation, music, or any other elements you would like to include*. I work from the heart and aim to hold a safe space for you to reconnect to yourself in love and compassion. I am trauma-certified and can help you work through your unique experience of trauma verbally or through incorporation of the felt sense and internal experiences that can inform your process of healing. Individual therapy clients are not required or persuaded to engage in any other services offered on site.

*I am not an art, dance, music, or movement therapist. These forms can be used simply as a platform for expression and deeper processing at your request.

Individual Trauma-Informed Yoga
Individual Trauma-Informed Yoga
Yoga Asana

Trauma-informed yoga is a form of movement that cultivates interoception (increases the awareness of the body from the inside out.) Trauma specialists have worked with the body to provide healing from trauma for decades. I am certified in trauma-informed yoga and can pair intentional mindful low-impact movement specifically geared toward one’s unique experience of his/her/their body. You do not have to have experience with yoga, be flexible, or identify as a "yogi" to partake in these sessions. This form of yoga is about identifying what is best for your unique body experience and offering love and compassion to yourself. Contact me if interested in participating only in TI yoga, or for resources about body work and trauma. 

Reiki Treatment

$50/ 30-45 min session

(30 mins of reiki practice and 10-15 mins of initial and follow up conversation about the experience)

Just like we have a physical system, emotional system, and thought system operating within us, we also have an energetic system. Reiki is an ancient Japanese practice which brings healing to that energetic system through the placement of a practitioner's palms on or near the participant's body.  During a session, you may choose to lay on a table (similar to a massage table) or sit in a chair. We will first discuss your comfort level and intentions for the session as well as deciding if you'd rather have hands-on or hands-off. Then simply relax, breathe, and allow whatever healing may come your way. After the practice we may have a short conversation processing the time.

Group Therapy
Group Therapy
Group Discussion

No groups currently running. Check back here regularly to see new groups. Please reach out if interested in joining:

 Trauma Coping practice group

Social Anxiety process group

Meditation as a coping skill practice group

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