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About me

Whether you choose psychotherapy, trauma-informed yoga, blend both, or participate in reiki, I believe in deep listening, and non-judgmental compassion and empathy. I aim to create a safe space to explore your areas of concern and embrace your unique process of healing. I value working together to understand and release whatever holds you back from being the person you know yourself to be. 

Therapeutic Approach

My therapeutic philosophy and approach

In almost 20 years of training and experience in mental health care, I developed a wide range of therapeutic tools to use when finely tuning each session to your needs. I am trauma-certified, and oriented toward root healing. Root healing uses my understanding of childhood development, learning theories, body-mind connection, and attachment to cultivate self-compassion and healing from the original source of your pain. In my experience, I've seen this process have more sustainable results when compared to simply changing behaviors or trying to convince one's self to be or think "different" in some way. (though shifting thinking/inner stories can be a part of the process at times).  I structure sessions in a client-centered/humanistic fashion that values collaboration and maintains your autonomy and expertise of your own inner world. I am trained in the use of Deep Brain Reorienting (DBR) and use mindfulness-based interventions within a variety of modalities as needed. My eclectic approach also draws on principles from my training in EMDR, ACT, DBT, IFS, and many others, though I do not practice these modalities officially. In my time in this field, I have seen many "lettered" approaches arise and fade in popularity. I have noticed that the profound healing that can happen in the therapy space does not fit one mold, and applying the vast array of individual human experiences to one structured therapeutic model does a disservice to the individuality of each person.  As such, I am more interested getting to know you and using elements of these modalities to craft a therapeutic experience that fits your specific needs.  My overall aim is to help you connect to the lovingkindness that exists somewhere within you (even if it's hard to find) and help you offer it to the versions of yourself that are hurting inside. 

My Reiki approach

I am trained to level II in Usui Reiki. My teacher taught us that Reiki energy is available to all and some may encounter it even without knowing it. If you have ever walked into a room and felt a vibe before anyone says anything, or maybe you are at a concert and can feel a powerful energy in the music, you are encountering the energy that Reiki uses. Reiki simply harnesses that energy and directs it in different areas of healing. I believe anyone has the power to offer this energy to themselves simply by growing in mindfulness and learning to listen and respond to the energy in a different way. While I will be offering this healing energy in our sessions, I will also talk with you about how you can offer it to yourself between sessions. My goal is not for you to develop a dependence on me, but to share this information and procedure with you, empowering you to offer yourself healing and love whenever you need it. This can take different lengths of time for different people. There is no rush or agenda simply possibility. 

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