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Meditation by the Sea

 Trauma -Informed Yoga

30 min talk therapy + 20 min TIY  $125/session

50 min talk therapy + 20 min TIY $175/session

50 min talk therapy + 45 min TIY $200/session

45 min TIY  $85/session (home visits available for this option)

Research is showing increasing evidence that the body holds trauma memories like our thoughts or emotions. Accessing, increasing mindfulness of, and moving your body in intentional therapeutic ways can significantly enhance the healing process, and encourage self-love. Pairing TIY with talk therapy allows you to identify where you feel your disclosure in your body, and immediately work with movement to further process it, allowing the opportunity for greater release and healing. I am certified in trauma-informed yoga and can pair intentional mindful low-impact movement specifically geared toward one’s unique experience of his/her/their body. You do not have to have experience with yoga, be flexible, or identify as a "yogi" to partake in these sessions. This form of yoga is about identifying what is best for your unique body experience and offering love and compassion to yourself through interoception and movement. 

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