The Wellspring

Stone Water Fountain

Within all of us lies a wellspring of loving kindness for ourselves. Sometimes we lose our way to the spring or it becomes hidden from us with overgrowth of worry, anxiety, depression, or trauma. Sometimes we are taught to ignore it or that it doesn't exist at all. While we may forget the way back to the wellspring temporarily, part of us always knows where it is and how to revive it. Wellspring Therapeutic Services provides a safe space for you to remember the way, and shines a light for you as you cut away the overgrowth, understand how it grew, and revive your own personal flow of self-love.


Wellspring Therapeutic Services center is a safe space for folks of all backgrounds and orientations to explore several paths--body, mind, and spirit--back to your own personal wellspring of love.


Elizabeth Merrell, MA, LPC, NCC

Here if you need me.

In over 15 years of training and experience in mental health care, I developed a wide range of therapeutic tools to use when finely tuning each session to your needs. I am trauma-certified,  psychodynamically oriented, and structure sessions in a client-centered/humanistic fashion. I use mindfulness-based interventions within a variety of modalities as needed. My aim is to help you connect to the lovingkindness within you and offer it to the versions and parts of yourself in need. 

Whether you choose psychotherapy, trauma-informed yoga, blend both, or participate in reiki, I believe in deep listening, and non-judgmental compassion and empathy. I aim to create a safe space to explore your areas of concern and embrace your unique process of healing. I value working together to understand and release whatever holds you back from being the person you know yourself to be. 



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740 Sansom St, Ste 310

Philadelphia, PA 19106

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